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Best tyre tube dealership in India

Tyres is essential for any vehicle, as we all know. Your tyres' quality affects how safely, efficiently, and effectively the vehicle performs. There are two types of tyres: tube tyres and tubeless tyres.

What distinguishes a tube-style tyre from a tubeless tyre?

An air tube that is positioned inside the tyre makes up a tube tyre, as the name would imply. The tube aids in preserving the stability of the car by keeping the tyre that is bearing the vehicle's weight in good shape. It makes the climb smoother by serving as a cushion on rocky roads. Due to its lighter weight, a tubeless tyre lowers the vehicle's un-sprung weight. Better gripping and handling are provided, and when pierced, air is lost gradually.

Phoebus tyre tubes are made with butyl rubber for all kinds of tyres. Our butyl tubes, which have been compounded better than natural rubber tubes, have low permeability, which helps them hold air pressure for longer and reduces the likelihood of tyre failure.Our butyl tubes use cutting-edge technology and process improvements to reduce pollution by 10–15 percent.

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