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tube tyre for bike

Our sealants are heavy duty tyre sealant and incredibly effective in patching up ruptured tyres. The lifespan of the tyre sealant might be as long as 20,000 kilometres, depending on the type of tyre and the weather. A second puncture doesn't stop it from working because the mixture quickly plugs the fresh hole. All car kinds can use our sealant, and it is TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) compatible. It aids in maintaining proper tyre pressure and is your long-term answer for air loss, tyre punctures, and blowouts.

How to use trye sealant?

  • • Find the puncture first, then evaluate the tyre's damage. If necessary, seek roadside help instead of using the tyre sealant.
  • • Once you've found the hole, you should move the car so that the puncture is in the upper half. To stabilise the sealant, make sure the air valve is on the upper half.
  • • Place the sealant bottle for the tyre on the valve, and then place the other end of the sealant into the compressor's tube.
  • • As soon as the car is started and the compressor is plugged in, the air in the tyres begins to fill. It can take up to ten minutes to complete this process.
  • • When the container is full enough, turn off the compressor to see if the desired pressure has been reached.
  • • If so, you may proceed. You must contact roadside assistance for assistance if it hasn't or if the pressure is lowering.

How to add sealant to your tyres?

  • Step 1
  • Remove the valve core.

  • Step 2
  • Add the hose to the valve stem & inject the sealant into the tyre. The amount you should inject depends on the sealant and the tyre size. Find the recommended amount printed on the bottle.

  • Step 3
  • Reinstall the valve.

  • Step 4
  • Pump up the tyre to the recommended pressure.

  • Step 5
  • To ensure that the sealant is distributed evenly inside the tube, spin your wheel.

By achieving a balance between an eco-friendly and productive ecosystem, Phoebus provides a significant, technologically advanced solution for the safety of its users and passengers. With the help of technology, we are concentrating on reducing the risk of punctures and lengthening tyre life, which is not only practical for individuals leading fast-paced lives, but also economical and time-saving.

A sealant helps you because not everyone can afford to repair their tyres.

  • • Saves cash
  • • Saving time
  • • Prolongs the life of the tyre.
  • • A saviour in times of need.
  • • Excellent product at a reasonable cost